Selected works

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Human Dilatations is a glimpse of the lack the contemporary human being, bared of the two elements that distinguish his quest: the physical perfection and the actual power/role of the mind.


Each image represents a body whose proportions are partially distorted and prevails over a head that dissolves, without leaving a trace.  >

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In I am Flesh bodies represent reality: 35 naked women of childbearing age meticulously filmed and photographed in their pristine condition. Each body encourages us to share a relationship in which mutual alienation becomes the basis of understanding.  >

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Eating is a basic gesture, primeval, derived from the survival instinct. The act itself is the merging point between two dimensions constantly connected with each other: the deepest one - our innermost and mysterious side - and the external structure and well known to all structure, where sounds, the eyes followed by the mouth, the tongue and the nerve endings translate into the so-called nourishment process.

A development occurred through an unconditional act of confidence which reveals itself in one of the greatest human related moments of intimacy: eating. An act of will which allows the breakdown of our defences in favor of communication and the transition from what is external and alien towards the most inner and private part of our body, generating, in a dialectical motion and in just one word, life itself. In other words, this process generates life itself.


“Intimate archive” collects this private moment in a video collection created in my studio during a break time.  >

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Cyclical Time is the theme of the work. The silhouette of a woman crossing water, by definition the vital element by, on which the video of a forest on the border between two nations is projected. Her passing through the stream causes a series of concentric circles that disappear one by one, creating the illusion of the passage of time.  >

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When two human beings become a be two?

Be Two – An Id project on couples who lack will and impulses specific to human nature and soul.

By eliminating drives and muscle contractions I was able to capture, in the decisive photographic moment, a negative of the instinctive couple and the reasons why a couple has the right to exist.

The negative allows me to draw a map, an ideal path from which I can seize elements that form a link with the subconscious and others that don’t, a characteristics typical to all human beings. These elements then occur in the images.  >

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At Home. 7 performers broadcast themselves from their home, via webcam, throughout the event. The display includes both the spectator and the work: two heterogeneous realities that meet and exchange roles. For the spectator the work consists of the model captured by webcam, shown on a monitor in the exhibition hall.

In turn, and also via webcam, the model sees every spectator. The model observed in his privacy becomes the spectator, and vice-versa. Both parties are involved via the webcam which takes the task to translate the images of the two distinct people, in different locations. The webcam is the link between the work and the audience, allowing them to communicate and interact, delivering the characteristics of a real meeting.  >


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