be two

When two human beings become a be two?


Be Two – An Id project on couples who lack will and impulses specific to human nature and soul.


By eliminating drives and muscle contractions I was able to capture, in the decisive photographic moment, a negative of the instinctive couple and the reasons why a couple has the right to exist.


The negative allows me to draw a map, an ideal path from which I can seize elements that form a link with the subconscious and others that don’t, a characteristics typical to all human beings. These elements then occur in the images.



Be Two

Selected works


Title: BT240313vd

Date: 2012 (excerpt)

Video Full HD 16:9 Colors 00:10:54

The video shows the silhouette of a woman treading water recreating the movement in the same way, paced by the sound of footsteps.


This act recalls the mantra of freeing the mind from illusory reality and all that is material. Una fuga dalla realtà.


Title: BT11.09.12vd

Date: 2012 (excerpt)

Video Full HD 16:9 Colors 00:20:11


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