Drop Dead Date


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I am Flesh


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Summer’s Over

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Great Escapes

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Shiny Surfaces

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Poor Little Rich Girls

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Bbeyond Magazine, London


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Max Mag., Living Mag., IT

The Master of Suspense

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In Her Skin

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L’autre Dame

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I am Flesh

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Image of the Human Being – Gestalten Book, Berlin, DE

Human Dilatations
Published by Ticino Weolcome

Published by Ticino Weolcome

35 An Ethno-Photographic Project

Twill Magazine, Paris
NY Arts Magazine, NY

Innocent Lies

Ninja Magazine, Paris

Body Rock

Clam Magazine, Paris

The encounters with passionate people trigger and amplify our sensory receptors. This is when, photographically speaking, I fully act: when we come close to each other, in each other’s dilated pupils. I have always seen dance as a specific lifestyle. A dedication that bears the marks of selflessness, the first step towards sublimation. This is why I chose two dancers for this project. I watched their encounters on tiptoes, capturing their bodies’ movements as the expression of emotions grew.