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Art Direction


Art Direction for:

Collectible DRY Magazine, Volume 6, Pre - Spring 2018

241 pages

Cover picture by Valentina De’ Mathà, starring Bronte Coates styled by Leonardo Persico





(R)evolution. Which revolution? Why revolution? Are there more revolution to come? Whether it’s an irrevocable movement or a cyclical recovery of previous conditions, revolution – courageously seized or ineluctably suffered – are not unlike the movement of celestial bodies: they mark a new starting point; here a new year, there a new esprit du temps. As historical phenomenon, a revolution can be a quick process or a lengthy affair, and is the realization of radical change, inspired by ideological motivations, effecting profound transformation of a broad range of social, economic and political structures. They are often born of acts of faith or love, and as such are associated ( by reaction ) with violence, repression and restoration.


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