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Art/Design Direction for:

Collectible DRY Magazine

Vol. 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16

Collectible DRY is a magazine for international readers who want to look at the world through an italian point of view: made of beauty, style, culture. It means connecting modernity with tradition, making future interacting with memory.

Collectible DRY expresses a unique style, in its contents and its graphic design. First of all, it is not a “selfie” magazine. The  idea of a new independent magazine, outside the logic of ego gratification, few years ago and gradually became a necessity, after careful analysis of the market and what it has to offer. What was missing with an omnivorous publishing product that could anticipate the demand for real content, beyond self-referential representations. After various types of stress tests, the new magazine hit newsstands in April 2016, and immediately asserted itself as an innovative publishing initiative, without any similar counterparts. Collectible DRY doesn’t set out to represent itself; instead, it focuses on high-quality storytelling. It avoids the beaten track of the usual names, seeking out new talents. It is not addressed to a narrow circle of adepts, but to an open, international, erudite and curious international audience that loves new and beautiful things, and wants to learn about them through authoritative information that is never cryptic, never an end in itself, along with strong imagery of great communicative impact. Information that is not afraid to make itself understood. Because all too often the information that does not want to let itself be understood is empty information, without content, or so utterly standardized that it has to disguise its motivations.