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Roger Weiss, born in Lugano, Switzerland, lives and works in Ticino. He graduated summa cum laude from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, IT.

The primary driver of Roger Weiss’ research is to unveil, through fragmentations, hybridisations, dilations, and photographic and video reconstructions of the body, the archetypal form of the human being”.
His work has been published in leading trade magazines, including: Vogue Italia, i-D (IT), Blink Magazine (Korea), Exibart (IT), Dazed (UK), Digit! (DE), NY Arts Magazine (USA), Schön! Magazine (DE); and in books such as “Doppelgänger: Images of the Human Being” published by Gestalten (DE), “The Opéra, Anniversary Issue - 2022”, published by Kerber (DE). He has been featured for RSI’s ‘Cult’ programme and for the Learnn online platform. He has exhibited his work in Europe and the USA, in art fairs and worked as art director and graphic designer for the magazine Collectible DRY.
His collaborations include brands such as Apple, Amina Muaddi, and Wolford.