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ah191220vd, Video Col., 00:10:20

At Home - The third part of the project I am Flesh - follows the photographic part IaF/ph and the video IaF/vd and consists of actual takes of performers via webcams inside their own private rooms, and broadcast in real time in a public space.     

The space in which the performer is broadcast also contains the viewer. Two heterogeneous realities that meet and swap roles. For the spectator the work is represented by the model captured by the webcam whose images are shown by a monitor in the exhibition hall. In return, the spectator is seen by the model via a webcam that shows images of anyone watching the images of the performer. For the model in her private space, the object to be observed will thus be the spectator and vice versa.        

One affects the other via the video, which on this occasion takes on the role of translating images of the respective figures without their physical meeting. The webcam therefore becomes the contact point between the work and the audience (the private and the public), allowing them to communicate and interact, delivering the characteristics of a real meeting.